Guild House Artist-in-Residence - Guild Hall

Guild House Artist-in-Residence

Detail of Mitsu Salmon's multi-media performance piece presented during our 2018 residency. Photography by Jessica Dalene.

Established in 2016, Guild Hall’s Guild House Artist-in-Residence (GHAIR) program offers artists and collectives the time and space to research, experiment, and develop new ideas/projects. Artists are provided with creative feedback and administrative support, a paid stipend, live/workspace on the Guild Hall campus, and an exhibition or performance platform. 

Throughout the monthlong residency, artists will have the opportunity to connect with accomplished artists, community leaders, and philanthropists at weekly salon dinners, receive mentorship from select members of our Academy of the Arts and Staff, and visit artist studios, cultural centers, and the natural preserves of the Hamptons 

The program culminates with a public exhibition, performance, or presentation that can take the shape of a curated exhibition, a staged-reading in our John Drew Theater, an outdoor installation on the Guild Hall campus, a reading or lecture, or other format. 


Guild Hall’s GHAIR program aims to support early-career artists in their creative development through providing dedicated time for experimentation, professional support and connecting, and a public platform for testing new work.


Guild Hall, one of the first multidisciplinary centers in the country to combine a museum, theater, and education space under one roof, was established in 1931 as a gathering place for community where an appreciation for the arts would serve to encourage greater civic participation. For nearly nine decades, Guild Hall has embraced this open-minded vision and provided a welcoming environment for the public to engage with art exhibitions, performances, and educational offerings. Art and artists have long been the engine of Guild Hall’s activities and the institution continues to find innovative ways to support creativity in everyone. 

Program Sponsors

Education Programming supported by The Patti Kenner Arts Education Fellowship, Lucy and Steven Cookson, The Hearthland Foundation, the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, and funding from the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Endowment Fund, and The Melville Straus Family Endowment

Guild House Artist-in-Residence/ Community Artist-in-Residence:
Principal Sponsors: Lucy and Steven Cookson, and The Hearthland Foundation
Lead Sponsor: Bobbie Braun-The Neuwirth Foundation, Christina and Alan MacDonald, and Lynn and Bruce Surry
Co-Sponsor: Diamonstein-Spielvogel Foundation/Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, and Judith Hope
Additional Support: Nina Gillman and Mary Heilmann