Daniel Vlcek & Tom Kotik - Guild Hall

Daniel Vlcek & Tom Kotik

Multi-media artists Daniel Vlcek and Tom Kotik join Guild Hall as the final 2022 Guild Hall William P. Rayner Artists-in-Residence. During their residency, Vlcek and Kotik will continue their exploration of creating art that visualizes sound and music. The duo recently installed Double Transmutation, a multi-media installation featuring visual synthesizers that translate video images into musical notes, at Pragovka Gallery in Prague. Vlcek and Kotik will expand this installation while in-residence, with a specific interest in combining live performance with their concepts of visualizing sound through video and electronics.

Throughout the residency, Vlcek and Kotik collaborated with several locally based artists, shared their work with Guild Hall members, and met with their Guild Hall Academy of the Arts Mentor, Laurie Anderson.