Annual Fund

Play production on the stage of the John Drew Theater

Nearly ¾ of Guild Hall’s operating fund comes from generous donations from our supporters. Your contribution to our annual fund does two things:

  1. It helps to create a space for fiercely talented artists of all ages;
  2. It makes you part of a group of dedicated supporters who believe in arts for all.

We could not continue to provide the more than 40,000 visitors we have each year with inspiring, enriching experiences without the support of our members, donors, and patrons. Make sure you visit us regularly to see the impact of your donation. Your support makes Guild Hall one of the most important arts and culture destinations in the Hamptons.

Show Your Support

For more than 85 years, we have been serving our community by presenting inspiring performances, riveting programs, engaging exhibitions, and enriching classes. However, we need your help to continue the year-round events that touch and involve patrons of all ages and diverse interests.

Please help us continue to grow. Make a gift today for the future.

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What does Guild Hall mean to you?

We asked our patrons, neighbors, artists, actors, teachers, students, families and members what Guild Hall means to them and were honored by their answers. It is said that one cannot be all things to all people, and yet Guild Hall succeeds in being just that!