Seating & Event Policies - Guild Hall

Seating & Event Policies

General Visitor Policies

Drawing and writing in the galleries is encouraged but limited to the use of pencils only. Pens, markers, and other wet media are not permitted.

Children should not be left unattended in the Museum or Theater.

Front-worn baby carriers and compact strollers are permitted in the galleries.

Baby changing stations are located in the women’s restroom.

Photography and videography for personal non-commercial use are permitted except where indicated. Flash photography and the use of a tripod are prohibited throughout. No photographs or videotapes may be reproduced, distributed, or sold without written permission from Guild Hall.

Mobile phone calls are allowed only in the lobby, entrance hall, and corridor outside restrooms.

Food and drink purchased in the lobby during performances may be consumed only in the lobby or entrance hall. No food or drink is permitted in the galleries, shop, or theater with the exception of water and seltzer in the theater.