Annual Fund

Annual Fund FUNDRAISING GOAL: $75,000

“It’s just cool to see artists doing their thing.”  –Tristan Griffin, Guild Hall Paid Summer Intern
SUNY Purchase, Theater & Film Major, Class of 2022

Artist Members Exhibition Rules & Guidelines

Submissions into the Artist Member Exhibition.

Requirements & Registration:

Membership Requirements: ARTISTS MUST BE CURRENT GUILD HALL MEMBERS, 18 years or older. You may become a member or renew your membership (if it has expired) at the time of registration. If you have any questions regarding your membership status, please contact the Membership Office at (631) 324-0806.

Become a Member

Become a Guild Hall member or renew your membership by visiting our membership page. Members at all levels except Educator are eligible for entry into the show. You can check your membership status by logging onto our donation website and then navigating to the membership page or by contacting our Membership Associate. If you do not have an account, you can create one and connect to your membership status within 1-2 business days.

Become a Member     Membership Status     Contact Membership

Registration Fee: There is a $40.00 ENTRY FEE which is due when you register. This is in addition to your membership dues.

RegistrationRegistration must be completed by the designated postmark deadline OR by midnight on the designated online deadline. Registration forms mailed after this date cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the Artist Checklist. There are no exceptions to these deadlines.

How to Register

There are 3 ways to register:

  1. Register Online Now: Artwork labels will be sent via email within one week of registering. Submit by midnight on February 1.
  2. Download the Registration Card and Labels to Print at Home: Mail in your registration by January 28 (postmark date) or drop it off at Guild Hall by 5pm on February 1. Keep the labels to attach to your artwork.
  3. Request to Receive a Registration Packet via Mail: We will mail you a hard copy form. Mail it back to us by January 28 (postmark date) or drop it off at Guild Hall by 5pm on February 1. Keep the labels to attach to your artwork.

Register Online    Download Packet     Request a Packet

Artwork Guidelines:

Media:  Oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed-media (please list all materials used), graphics, drawing, photography, sculpture, and video. No crafts or pottery due to space limitations. No giclée prints.

Sculpture Requirements: Sculpture MUST be accompanied by a STURDY WHITE base/pedestal, provided by the artist. Please clearly label the bottom of the pedestal with the artist’s name and contact information.

Pedestal must accommodate sculpture with at least 6” clearance surrounding artwork, i.e.: 26” W x 26” D.

*If sculpture is not secure on pedestal, it may be replaced by an in-house pedestal or added to a group pedestal at the discretion of the museum staff.

Video Requirements: Artist must bring a video monitor that has an integrated playback system. Must bring monitor hardware for hanging. Monitor must be no larger than 25” x 25”. Max video time of 15 minutes. Video must be looped. If there is sound, headphones must be provided.

Number of Works: Each artist may enter one work, completed within the last five years and not previously shown at Guild Hall.

SizeNo larger than exactly 25″H x 25″W including frame MEASURE YOUR WORK INCLUDING THE FRAME!

  • Size limitations are strictly enforced.
  • Your work WILL BE measured at check-in. 
  • Under NO circumstances will oversize work be accepted.  
  • *Some frames are listed as 25” but are larger, so please measure carefully.
  • Works must have hanging wire and be ready to install.
  • No wet paintings or work requiring special installation or handling will be accepted.
  • Wall-mounted Sculpture: No larger than 25″H x 25″W x 5″D
  • Sculpture: No larger than 30″H x 20″Diameter, including light boxes.
  • Sculptures MUST include an appropriate base which must be white.
  • Video Monitor: No larger than exactly 25”H x 25”W

Guild Hall reserves the right to refuse any work that does not conform to these specifications. By signing the registration card, you are agreeing to these terms.

Pricing and Regulations:

Price and Commission: Guild Hall retains 50% commission on all sales.

You must indicate selling price of work or NFS (Not For Sale) on the registration card. Please note 50% commission will be taken from the price indicated on your registration card. Price on request (POR) is not permitted. You will not be able to change the price after you submit.

Labels: Affix enclosed white identification labels to your work before you deliver to Guild Hall. Carefully attach one (to be removed) lightly to the front and one firmly to the back. *if you register online, artwork identification labels will be emailed to you within 7-10 days.

Insurance: Guild Hall cannot insure work, or be responsible for loss or damage. Your signature upon delivery and again at pick-up releases Guild Hall from responsibility from losses. You may want to retain your own insurance.

Transport: All registered work must be brought to Guild Hall during the appropriate Drop Off period. You may NOT substitute another piece for the registered work. You must arrange to deliver your work to and pick your work up from Guild Hall. Guild Hall cannot accept works delivered from UPS, Fedex, or the Post Office.

Drop off, Pick-up & Awards:

Drop Off: Artwork must be dropped off on March 1 & 2, between 10am – 4pm. Artwork will not be accepted before or after these dates.

*Artwork must be unpacked prior to drop off; no packing material will be accepted or held by Guild Hall.

Pick Up: Artwork must be picked up on April 7 & 8 between 10am – 4pm.

Guild Hall is unable to store or hold any work for any time, and will not be responsible for any loss or damage after April 8.

 $20 will be charged for EACH day work is not picked up.

Awards: Prizes are selected by a guest judge and announced at the opening reception. The Top Honors Winner will receive a solo exhibition in the Spiga Gallery at Guild Hall which will be given within a timely fashion according to the museum schedule. We will notify award winners immediately after the judging. Be sure to provide a current phone number and/or cell phone number on the registration card. Past ‘Top Honors’ winners will not be eligible to win again until 5 years later.