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Written and directed by Isla Hansen, Tucker Marder, and Christian Scheider 
The Summit

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Fri, August 31, 8:00pm
Sun, September 9, 8:00pm
$20-$75 ($18-$70 for Members)

Eligible for Student Rush Tickets

Tuesdays – Sundays at 8pm except September 9 at 2pm

Opening Night Premium Seats and Party available
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A special opportunity for Guild Hall theater-goers!

Enjoy the world premiere of the new experimental performance The Summit and join the writers, directors, designers, cast and crew for a backstage tour and conversation as well as wine, beer and food at an Opening Night party on Saturday, September 1.

The Summit was written and directed by Christian Scheider, Tucker Marder, and Isla Hansen, three millennial artists who are interested in the way that technology is shaping human consciousness and the way we make meaning. Combining live performance, puppetry, an original score, The Summit is an exuberant comedy about a future where artificial intelligence is so sophisticated that human bodies become obsolete.

A $250 ticket not only helps bring this visionary new work to our community, it includes a premium seat to the performance at 8PM, the after-party, and an illuminating backstage tour guided by the writers, directors and designers of the show. Leave your weary body behind and travel deep into the Land of Algorithmic thought to find out how the mediated world of The Summit was made; get up close and personal with the life forms that inhabit it, and have your deepest questions concerning immortality answered.

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For questions or to pay by phone, please contact genevieve@guildhall.org or call 631-324-0806 ext 20.

Join us for the world premiere of The Summit, an experimental performance by three artists who are interested in the way that technology is shaping human consciousness.

As the global elite prepare to abandon their bodies and upload themselves into the virtual beyond, a malfunctioning Empathy A.I. is mistakenly assigned to assist with the procedure, but instead unwittingly inspires a bodily-bacchanal for the ages.

Collaborators Scheider, Marder, and Hansen have produced a wide range of projects, including a puppet-actualized microbiology conference, a documentary about a modern-day Tree Prophet, and Galápagos — the groundbreaking theatrical adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel which premiered at the Parrish Art Museum in 2014. Their work explores themes surrounding technological progress, our relationship to the environment, and humanity gone awry. Theirs is truly an original collaboration that breaks with convention in playful and innovative ways.


The Summit – Teaser from Arboretum Productions on Vimeo.


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