Academy Newsletter - June 2021 - Guild Hall

Academy Newsletter – June 2021

Detail of Raphael, School of Athens, 1509–1511, fresco. The Vatican

Academy of the Arts: UPDATED
by Elise Trucks, Assistant to the Executive Director and Academy liaison 

To conform to President Eric Fischl’s vision, we’re reshaping the Academy. Founded in 1985, our affiliation was originally an excuse to host a great annual party, the Academy Dinner. We feel we can do more with this assembly of some of the most significant artists and art-professionals of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

We’ve formalized the Academy, taking the model of Enlightenment-era honor societies like the Institut de France and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. We’re enforcing a cap of 250 living members elected by Academy members from their areas of expertise. These are lifetime appointments.  

The Academy now has a stronger presence on our website and a mission statement with formal policies and procedures. We’ve taken the following actions: 

  • Diversified membership better to represent professional artists 
  • Specified branches and areas of expertise
  • Articulated and committed to a mission and procedures 
  • Balloted each branch of the Academy to fill open seats 

For the first time, the Academy has voted by area to add new members to vacancies—not for the Lifetime Achievement Award but for general membership. We are proud to announce our new Academicians. Each accepted the lifetime appointment: 

Barry Bergdoll 
Sanford Biggers
Renee Cox
Cornelius Eady
Bran Ferren
RoseLee Goldberg 
Rashid Johnson
Erik Larson
Robert Longo
Julianne Moore
Ugo Rondinone
Lucy Winton 

We trust that these organizational changes will galvanize the Academy to understand yourselves as a community, foster exchange, and inspire collaboration among you and with Guild Hall programmers. We invite our Academy to use Guild Hall as your laboratory. Thanks to Josh, Christina and Anthony, the programming for 2021 shows that you do.  

Guild Hall’s 90th anniversary season features work by the Academy of the Arts, as you’ll find in the below program, which we’ve created just for you.

Artists and creative spirits are the engine that drives Guild Hall, and we are so grateful for your continued energy and support. This year, we celebrate you in our 90th anniversary.

We’re happy to add hyperlinks on our Academy list to any content we could feature for you. As always, feel free to reach out to your liaison at